A Student & Steward of History

Charlie or "Buck" as he's known by his friends, has been an avid student of historical period's such as WW II, the Civil War, the Indian Wars and Old West, to name a few. His interest was not for academic reasons only, but for a love and interest in the human condition during these times. When everything done and worn, was actually done for specific reasons. A time when people stood up for what they believed in and were willing to give it their all no matter what odds they faced. As people, when we are drawn to a certain time period the first thing we recognize is the clothing worn, the hat's, dresses, suits. That's how Buck's passion for creating time period accurate costumes began. Buck has participated in many "period" events and has been a consistent winner in contests for the historical accuracy of his outfits. Interestingly when things such as clothes were made, they were made for an intended purpose not just because it was thought to look cool but because having a particular feature was important to the item's functionality. That applies to everything from the military uniforms of the Civil War or Buck's fascination with the clothing worn by flight crews during WW II.

These jackets are for the guys that had and have real guts. The doers. The guys that aren’t afraid to stand for something. The true originals. So if you’re trying to look for a fashion statement, these aren’t for you. You gotta be the real deal to wear them. You have to be willing to carry the attitude of the past onto the future generation. Wearing these jackets are a mission! Are you willing to accept?
— Buck Starr

Fascinated By WWII Flight Jackets  

There is something almost mythical about the flight jacket (except that the stories behind them are rooted in actual events), and the king of all "bomber jackets" are the A-2 Flight Jackets worn by the pilots who flew incredible missions like the Flying Tigers and the bomber and fighter crews of the 8th Air Force to name a few. Small squadrons of some of the bravest individuals taking to the sky like super heroes fighting in the shadows against insurmountable odds to help win and triumph over one of the most evil wars the planet has ever seen. Behind every jacket is a story of an average everyday hardworking person that decided to stand up and do what he thought was right when the world called upon him. That kind of stand-up person seems to be in short supply today. From the individualism of the American Cowboy to the Flight Crews of WWII to the original Astronauts of the 1960's, these were the bravest of the brave. True legends one and all!

Sometimes Faux Just Doesn't Cut It

We're not just trying to "create a look", we want to re-create the history, the bravery, the stand, the mission. For that, faux is just not good enough. There are only a handful of people still alive that can attest to the historical accuracy and authenticity of these jackets. Not only did the hand painted mural's signify the individuality, sacrifice and victories of the pilots and crew, but there is significance behind every rivet, zipper, pocket and collar. After possessing many original flight jackets Buck began wanting to recreate some of his favorites and that's when the search for the perfect jackets began. Just like any good restoration you need the right body and parts to make it as historically accurate as possible and at an affordable cost. The challenge was offering a quality product that didn't break the bank but would still promote the right feel of the era. Thus we came up with the "Legends" series.

From Re-Creating to Creator

While re-creating some of his favorite jackets Buck has mastered the style of the period to create something original, much in the same way Triumph Motorcycles still produces a classic looking Bonneville. Just as there is a story for every jacket, that story only exists because of the actions of the individual who wore them, so donning one means putting on a piece of history or if you're a true original creating your own. So ask yourself, Do I have guts? Am I a doer? Do I stand for something? Am I a true original? Then come and get you some.